Thursday, 27 January 2011

Today is Friday and I feel....

...excited by 3 days without any plans (except to spend an hour watching birds as part of Big Garden Birdwatch)! I'm excited by this lack of arrangements because it means I can spend time:
- in the garden
- at the allotment
- with my daughter
- with my partner
- as a family.

I'm also excited because it's my 4 year old's first school disco tonight (for one hour then the little 'uns leave and the big kids arrive). She's very excited and has decided to wear her sequin zebra top and grey skinny jeans. She also wants something sparkly for her hair!

I'm excited about the garden because I can see signs of life! The bulbs are bravely peeking out of the soil, the rose cuttings I took in the autumn are shooting and I have bought my first seeds! I'm not sure where to start in the garden though. I need to start clearing up the last of the leaves, the lavender at the front needs clipping (I didn't cut back the flower spikes in autumn as they were held their colour and fragrance until December).

i'm excited about the allotment because I'm making progress. I can finish glazing the new (recycled) greenhouse and continue tidying up.

But what to do as a family? It's always harder to decided on cold winter days. The rest of the year we go out walking, to the seaside or somewhere interesting. But in the winter we seem to spend too much time indoors. And then everyone does their own thing.

That's my challenge for this morning - think of some things we could do whilst I clip the lavender in the front garden.

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