Thursday, 6 January 2011

Starting school

Our little girl looked simultaneously so grown up and so little when dressed in her grey skirt, white blouse, navy cardigan and carrying her book bag. She was so slim and feminine (for the girl who usually wears jeans) and her outfit would have been fine at work or in this case in reception class.

At 8.40am we set out from home to walk down the hill with her chatting away about this, that and the other whilst Daddy and I felt very nervous and recalled our school days.

She happily signed the register (located her name balloon on the interactive white board and helped the ballon float into the clouds) then sat down at a table to start an activity. All about us was chaos as mums, dads and grandparents anxiously said goodbye to their little ones.

Promptly at 12 noon we were let into the playground and out they trotted in a line to identify their parent/guardian to the teacher before being released.

On the way up the hill we heard all about the green (good), yellow (miserable) and red (bad) star system as well as about the listening elephant, sitting dog, hands up parrot and looking owl.

The school uniform was discarded at home for jeans and a fleece before lunch and afternoon activities. Then we started all over again this morning... but a little more nervously today. The good news is she played with others and held hands with a class mate on the way back up the hill.

We await day three a little less nervously.

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