Sunday, 29 July 2012

Opening Ceremony

After years of preparing for the Olympics and talking about the Olympics and worrying about the Olympics they were finally here.

On the last day of term Elizabeth got to hold a real Olympic torch in school; on Monday we lined the streets to cheer the flame as it made it's way around Britain...


 So it was with some excitement that Elizabeth and I made Olympic pizzas for our family dinner before watching the Opening Ceremony on Friday evening.

And what an Opening Ceremony it was!  We were mesmerised from the beginning... the choirs singing at the beginning had me in tears... the industrial revolution made me sad but was amazed at when the Olympic ring was forged...

and amused when 007 'escorted' Her Majesty the Queen into the stadium

we loved the NHS/children's literature scenes and the poignancy of the flag raising and pauses to remember.

But my favourite bit was when the Olympic Flame was passed to the young hopefuls and the cauldron was lit.

 The Games' strapline is 'inspire a generation' and that's just what it's doing. My six year old wants to compete in swimming and sailing and some of her friends are taking sport more seriously than perhaps they might (as a load of princess-loving six year olds). Not a bad legacy.

Bye bye for now - I've some sport to watch!.... 


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What a difference the weather makes!

In case it's escaped your notice, it's been a bit wet here in Britain... even more than normal. However it appears that the jet stream has moved and we're getting more July type weather.  So what does this mean? After months of rain we've finally had a couple of consecutive days of warm, dry sunny weather!

It's currently 28 degrees in my north-facing back garden, the warm sun and gentle breeze are wafting scents of lavender and rose towards the garden table where I'm sitting and working on a report. I lovely way to spend a working day.

Here's hoping the warm weather lasts a few more days.