Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sweetie's sweets

I've had a flu-like bug for the last week and it's completely knocked me off my feet. My daughter is mostly ok about this but every now and then I must look ill or something because she disappears to her latest secret hiding place and brings me back a sweetie to make me get better (she calls them her medicine sweets). What a sweetie!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Garden birds

We did the Big Garden Bird Watch on Sunday afternoon - probably about the worst time I could have picked (but the only time I was available!). We managed loads of blue and great tits plus pigeons, blackbirds, robins and a couple of wrens. But the other usual visitors were missing - possibly starring in somebody else's Bird Watch?

Anyway we, (Elizabeth, my friend Clare and I) sat watching for an hour whilst drinking tea and chatting. I took a couple of pictures but it was too dark and the birds wouldn't stay still enough! But a nice time was had by all. And typical really, soon after uploading the results a whole range of birds arrived for supper before bedtime!