Tuesday, 6 September 2011

End of the summer holidays

It's back to school tomorrow, so today is the end of the summer holidays. The wet and windy weather seems kind of appropriate some how. So, what did we do this summer?

We've done lots of day trips to the beach (Thanet, Brighton - Eastbourne, as well as in Scotland), spent a few days in the Highlands, stayed in our summerhouse (aka a Hut in a field in Scotland), went to museums in London (recommend the Wallace Collection), the allotment, played in the garden. And we've been exploring Lidos - in particular tidal/sea water lidos. Been to the library and completed the excellent summer 'Circus' reading challenge organised by Bromley Libraries. It's been a good summer overall, if a bit damp at times.

Here's some more pictures...

A (not-so-)new song I've discovered that seemed appropriate The Kooks 'Seaside'

And here's one last picture - my daughter was fascinated by the statues on the South Bank in London where we went on her last day off school (especially the ones that did their 'thing' on receipt of a few pennies).

Now, lets get those walking boots out for some fungal forays, woodland walks and autumn fun!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Moment's like this

I've just been sitting here reading a blog (Carrots and Kids, one of my favourites) when I realised how peaceful and content I am right at this moment. Sitting here in the study/music room/clothes drying room on an old beat up chair. I'm doing something I enjoy, I can hear my 5 year old daughter laughing in the distance as her Dad reads the bedtime story (one of the Astrosaur books by Steve Cole) and everything feels just fine. A moment to savour.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Discovering new music

I love music... I just don't listen to it any more. I do wonder how I've gone from listening and playing music all the time to not even having a favourite band!

It's not because I lack the means: my iPhone and headphones goes everywhere with me; I have a CD player in the car; a decent hi fi system; an iTunes account and Napster subscription. There's no excuse.

So why don't I listen to music? I guess it's partly because I'm busy (working, digging, cleaning, being a mum). But I think it's more than that - I've gotten out of the habit. It started when my daughter was young - music was replaced by nursery rhymes (we were given some really good American ones that were sung in in different styles and were fun to listen to). Then they went to be replaced by stories and chatting - which is good because my 5 year old is articulate and knowledgeable about her surroundings, science, arts, life and... road signs!

I was reading new blogs tonight and much to my surprise discovered new music. As the nights draw in I think I'm not going to turn on the tv (it's been idle since March). Instead I'm going to try and use my Napster account more, dust off old CDs and records and use Napster, YouTube and other sources to find new music. As a starter, here's a couple of songs I've discovered tonight (mellow because of the hour).

Charlie Winston, 'I love your smile'

And here's a song I loved as a child, sung by Eddi Reader 'Dainty Davie'