Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Is it Autumn yet?

Every morning now, when getting dressed for school, Elizabeth runs to the back door and checks whether she's going to wear socks or tights, skirt or trousers. Whilst she's still wearing socks and a skirt on some days, I'll be digging out her vests by the end of the week.

And she's not alone. I've caught myself hovering in the doorway on my way to work in the mornings wondering whether I need to take my coat with me.

This can mean only one thing: the season is changing.

Gone are the long evenings at the allotment after work grazing on fruit whilst we water and weed, harvest and hoe. Tonight we made it there at sunset: 7pm. After a quick dash round the plot watering and picking tonight's dinner we left as the last of the sun's rays departed for the night; we arrived home at 7.30pm in darkness. Soon there will be no evening trips - the clock's will go back and allotmenting will be a weekend activity only.

And our minds have already started to turn to Harvest festival and Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas. The talk in the car was of seasonal school plays and what role a year 2 child gets in the nativity play.

I've also started looking forward to my half term visit to my Hut in Scotland where I can sit in front of a log fire in the countryside, overlooking the Solway Firth.

I've also noticed my halloween and Autumn boards on Pinterest are showing signs of activity - with pumpkins and halloween decorations being repinned daily.

I think it must be Autumn.

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