Sunday, 2 October 2011

Swimming in the sea in October

Well, that was a first for me; swimming in the sea in October. Like many thousands of other people I packed up the car and headed to the seaside. Our choice was Camber Sands, somewhere I've been many times before, in all seasons. But never have I seen as many people there (or on any other British beach) as I saw on 1 October. We had a struggle to find a bit of beach to put down our rug and bag!
But it was fun. There was a holiday atmosphere you don't often get on British beaches. The weather was warm and so was the sea. I spent a good hour or so splashing and swimming with my daughter, her friend and friends mum.
We spent the whole afternoon there then tootled down to Dungeness. A weird and wonderful place that I never tire of visiting. We had dinner in the Britannia before spending some time showing the girls the stars including the rarely-seen-in-London Milky Way.
A fab day out. The photo is courtesy of my partner. More of his work is at

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