Sunday, 27 March 2011

New Hobby

I have a new hobby, well if you can call it a hobby. I usually think of hobbies as something that involves lots of work - normally hard physical labour but sometimes just intense concentration. I also have a lot of them, some of which are seasonal. My most time consuming and probably enjoyable is gardening and my allotment. Followed a close second to walking in the countryside/visiting the grand estates of the past courtesy of the National Trust. I put that one second because my favourite hobby of all time is a bit inaccessible - my hut in Scotland. I have to limit that to once every 6 weeks or so from Spring to Autumn. My other hobby is travelling - I've been to 29 countries, many of them twice, but have recently lost the enthusiasm given the time and increased risk involved with plane travel and the difficulties of taking a child (and she's a great traveller).

My new hobby has been indulged in a bit too much in the last week - at the expense of house cleaning and gardening. I've been spending time at my new leisure centre to exercise/get fit and they have a lovely spa. Before this a trip to a spa was usually a birthday treat - so I've been to Bath Spa a couple of times and to the old Turkish Baths in Bethnal Green. But my new leisure centre has a lovely spa. There's a large multi-functioning jacuzzi, a steam room, sauna and sanarium, various showers at various temperatures, a cold plunge pool and a floating pool. Plus lots of loungers and a nice view over green/trees (not bad for SE London).

So, there you have it, my new indulgent hobby. I usually only do it after exercising and it's working wonders for my skin, but it still feels a bit... well, like eating chocolate or something, maybe a cream cake. Naughty but nice.

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